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The Vintage Sports Car Club of America - V.S.C.C.A., Inc. - is the oldest automotive preservation club in America that offers a complete race program in addition to rally and other automotive conservation events.  The emphasis is on rare and unusual sports & racing cars including pre-war and certain post war cars through December 31, 1959*

We exist "to encourage the acquisition, preservation, restoration, and operation of vintage sports cars"

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The second installation of the 2014 VSCCA Newsletter
begins with some words from a very dedicated VSCCA member,

VSCCA President John Schieffelin Jr

low key - non commercial - vintage racing and so much more.

there are also some links to 2012 and 2013 season photos here

and now a word from our sponsor:

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How about a great VSCCA car:

1946 K1, Allard

AC Aceca - Chassis AEX 525 - reg: 464 UXY

The 2014 VSCCA Season has started

If you were to buy this - you could be there - Turn key Devin MG-TD


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VSCCA Regalia

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