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The VSCCA is a club for everyone interested in vintage cars and you don’t even have to own a vintage car to be a member. The club exists to “encourage the acquisition, preservation, restoration, and operation of vintage sports cars” with members using their vintage sports cars in a myriad of ways.

Founded in 1958, the Vintage Sports Car Club of America is the oldest club of its kind in North America.

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Vintage Racing is the club’s most popular activity but members also enter rallies, tours, hill climbs, volunteer as flaggers at races and enjoy our social events - all the while making lifelong friendships around this common bond we have.

Please feel free to come by any of our events to spectate, meet us and get to know more about the club. Click here for a list of our events and don't miss these two great videos:

Thirty-nine years ago, our late president, Bill O’Donnell, wrote to the membership about the principles that formed the foundation of our club and their importance to its continued vitality.  This letter has proved a useful guide to how we operate and has helped to avoid the pitfalls encountered by some other vintage racing organizations in recent years as the sport has grown so popular.

This letter clearly embodies the distinctive values of our organization.

Joining is Easy!

Just choose the type of membership and pay. If you wish to pay by check simply proceed to check out, select Payment by check, then follow the instructions to mail your check.

Member Benefits

In addition to all our fantastic events and the ability to earn a vintage racing license, members receive a newsletter (image with link to page), our magazine (image with link to page) and on an annual basis, the calendar and member roster.

Additionally, members receive a $50 reduction in two-day track entry fees, $25 for Equinox.

Membership Types

The club has three types of membership: “Associate”, “Active” and “Family”.

Associate and Active memberships are identical, except that Active members require 2 letters of reference, can vote on club operational matters and have access to the club roster of members. Both membership types may participate in all club activities. An Associate membership may be updated to Active membership at any time by providing the required reference letters.

The Family membership is a discounted membership option for households with two or more club members. Members enrolled in the family membership will not receive general club mailings such as the magazine, calendar, bulletin and newsletters. To be eligible for family membership, the family member must share the mailing address with the primary member.

Membership Costs

  • Active and Associate are $100 per year.
  • Each additional family member costs $30 and enjoys the same privileges as the main member. It’s a family affair!
  • New members are charged an additional $30 for a car badge.

Membership dues are for the calendar year. Members who join after October 31st will remain valid through the following full calendar year. Membership always renews January 1st.

It's easy to join!


To be considered for Active membership, the application requires two reference letters from current Active members. Those letters may be included with the PDF application, mailed to the club secretary at the address on the form, or e-mailed to