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Start Vintage Racing With Us

Professional racing schools such as Skip Barber are a great way to learn racing, but for vintage racing all US vintage racing organizations still require that you complete their Drivers’ School.

All US vintage racing organizations are affiliated with the Vintage Motorsport Council (VMC) and the VSCCA’s Drivers’ School is one of the easiest ways to get into vintage racing. After passing our Drivers’ School, you will be eligible to enter VSCCA track events. Provided you demonstrate sound, clean driving and are not involved in any incidents, after two additional VSCCA track events you will be granted fully-approved driver status. With VSCCA approval in hand, you can participate in other VMC vintage organizations’ events across the country.

Vintage Racing School

The VSCCA Drivers’ School is similar to a full-on race school, but at a fraction of the cost and you can bring your daily driver. You’ll have a great time and will want to return for VSCCA races, hill climbs and rallies.

If you’d like to get on track, our Drivers’ School May 3-4, 2024 at Lime Rock Park, CT offers the path towards becoming an approved driver for vintage races across the USA.

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